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Pomskies are a hybrid designer breed recognized by The Dog Registry of America resulting from the combination of a Siberian Husky as a mother (50 lbs+ weight) and a Pomeranian, always as a father (10 lbs- weight) via artificial insemination, resulting in dogs that vary between 17 lbs and 30 lbs weight and standing height between 10'' to 15'' inches tall.


Our dogs are both 1st generation Pomskies, so their litter is the 2nd generation and will be smaller than their parents.

They look like small Siberian Huskies with a thick double coat, erected ears, and the typical Siberian Husky mask. 


These puppies were born on June 28th. They will be ready to be picked up by August 25th, 2018.



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Waiting List Form

Our Mommy

24 lbs

Our Daddy

30 lbs



813-679-1623 / pomskylittleworld@gmail.com


Wesley Chapel, Florida

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